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About Us

Bringing you the magic of Mexico in a circus tent!

Tequila Circus was founded by Juan Domingo Morales and Eleanor Morales Debney with the aim of sharing the beautiful and rich culture of Mexico through the exciting means of circus!

If you loved the movie Coco, then you will love our summer tour for 2023! 

In the circus we have to wear many hats, literally! So the lady flying in the top of the circus tent one minute, might be selling you your popcorn, and the person asking to put a poster in your shop window, might be one of the clowns!  Then on the last day, we all don hard hats and steel cap boots to take down the circus tent and leave your town green spotless, ready for the next circus. It's this spirit of everyone mucking in and working as a team that makes us one of the best. So be sure to have your camera ready and come and say hi.


Our Story

Tequila Circus is a dream director Domingo (Picorete) Morales has had for a long time. The dream to share his rich Mexican heritage and bring it to you as what he does best, circus!

As an eighth generation circus artist, circus is truly in his blood. Born in Mexico into the family show, Fannyes Show Circus, he first touched the ring with his fifteen older siblings (two sisters and thirteen brothers) at the age of just three and a half. 

After touring in Mexico and making many memories, including one where he had to dress as a girl and do a cordeliesse act to rival the neighbouring circus, he decided to fly the nest. He bought his trapeze and set off for more adventures, which brought him pretty quickly to Europe and beyond. Arriving to Ireland at the age of seventeen as the first human cannon ball, he went on to make a name for himself as the cheeky Mexican who can do everything.


From the flying trapeze in Ireland to the wheel of death in Germany, Spiderman on the cloud swing in Australia to a hilarious comedy spaghetti fiasco in Malta. It's this wealth of experience which allows him to represent circus and Mexico to bring you the most heartfelt and charismatic show you have seen.

Meet The Team

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